Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Hybrid Power System Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

mark king System - Coursework ExampleThe paper tells that the supply transcription of choice which best suits this project is loan-blend Power System. This system employs combination of Off grid renewable energy technologies among which we are release to use a combination of Solar, Wind, Hydropower and for an emergency back up a gasoline/diesel germ is also provided. Hybrid power system is selected due to two reasons, firstly because it endure be establish off-grid to satisfy small demand of electricity and long distribution infrastructure can be avoided. second as we are aware that none of the for sale sources of energy ie Solar,Wind or Hydropower are available continuously and change due to sunshine, high and low flow of wind and water, hence they cannot meet the unintellectual demand of the facility and have to be used intermittently. On a macro scale the Hybird system work in three phases, production, Power electronics and Consumption. The production is done by the Rene wable Energy system, stored by batteries and in eluding of backup by generator. Then the Power Electronics regulates the supply and transmission of the power to the appliances where the stretch is required. To meet the base demand of 100KVa at a power factor of 1, thus energy want of 100KW we will include a system setup which will include three complete 20 kW solar panels. The photovoltaic systems that are available in the market are of 20kW, 50 kW and 100 kW and thus it has been concluded that three 20 KW panels are used. In case of failure of one, the system does not collapse completely. The next component in the Hybrid systems energy input is the wind turbines. ... For which it is suggested that roll axial flow water turbine generator is employed and some(prenominal) similar assemblies of this turbine is used for the production. It is calculated, that with Volute axial flow water turbine generator, a head of about 2 meters and flow of 85 liters/sec a power of about 1 KW can be generated. Where as in our case the flow of 1800 to 2500 liters/sec several similar assemblies can be installed.It can be concluded that about 25 KW energy can be generated by Hydropower. The picture, details, specifications and references of Volute axial flow water turbine generator are given in Appendix 3. Lastly the suspense arises that how is this whole system going to work as one and deliver the requirements. To explain the whole on the job(p) of the Hybrid System the following flow diagram is presented which shows how the required AC current and load is produced and channelise in the system. The figure shows how the AC main bus line is used to produce, store and then transmit the load. This is the complete power system under consideration. 2. Explain the scientific principles involved in your choice of power system. The scientific principles involved in the individual power system are as follows. Solar Power System The solar energy depends on two things, firstly the sol ar radiance and secondly the reputation of the PV cell materials. The PV cells have two types of materials p-type silicon and n-type silicon. When the light strikes the cell surface, it transmit energy and ionize the atoms in the silicon material, due to this there is development of internal fields and then a junction separates the convinced(p) and negative charges in the PV cell. The positive charges go into the P-Layer and the negative

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