Thursday, May 9, 2019

Blackberry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

berry - experiment ExampleThe blackberry cell foretell brand as a variety of designs which rage from QWERTY keyboard cellphones to virtual keyboard and multi-touch screens. Blackberry has approximately 3% of the cellphone market share and is ranked number 6 in scathe of popularity in the mobile phone market. The Blackberry phone in any case has legion(predicate) other features however, the main channelise audience are the business sector. It go aways people in business with the ultimate package in cast to efficiently perform their duties. The paper will further analyze the the mission statement of the company and its sight and goals. It will also give a more detailed description of the products and run that are provided by the company and the financial strategies it implements in order to gain an advantage in the smart-phone market. The goals of the company are come to around the efficient provision of innovative solutions for global communication using mobile phones. Thi s also involves the human beings of software package that further changes other cellphone features such as emailing, media, internet browsing and other applications. The numerous research and development programs that are carried out by the company clearly show the its goals to constantly improve and provide the people with better services. Mission Statement The mission statement continues to be the companys guideline in business. It is similar to that of its founding company RIM, which is to develop integrated software, hardware and services that facilitate for numerous networks and provide solutions and platforms for limitless access to urgent matters using features such as text messaging, internet based applications, phone calls, emails and internet (Daidj, 2013, 20). This mission statement aims to guide the company with its vision to be the leading designer, marketer and manufacturing business of innovative wireless solutions for global cellphone communication (Daidj, 2013, 2 0). Company Overview Research In Motion, one of the leaders in wireless technology and innovation changed the mobile industry when it introduced Blackberry in the year 1999. From the conviction of its release Blackberry has continued to benefit numerous individuals and change the way in which they communicate. The global render of the company is located in Canada, Ontario, Waterloo, and the company has offices in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. The company was founded by mike Larzaridis, an its current President and CEO is Thorsten Heins (Daidj, 2013, 20). It recently changed its name in February 2013, and now trades under BBRY on the NASDAQ song Market and BB on the Toronto Stock Market (Daidj, 2013, 20). Products and Services Blackberry offers a wide array of products and services that are specifically suited for each customers needs and requirements. These products consists of smart-phones and tablets (Blackberry, 2013). The company has a wide range of smart-phones th at live with continued to change in order to suit peoples needs in terms of technology and style. The software has also changed in the phones and tablets with the latest operating system being Blackberry 10. The latest cellphone also has 4G LTE network, 4.2 camera, dual core 1.5 processor along with other cellphone features. The latest Blackberry tablet is the Blackberry playbook which runs under Blackberry Playbook OS (Blackberry, 2013). Strategy Blackberry has always been one of the leading providers of mobile phones and enjoyed mastery and rising share prices over the years. However, the company

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